Alchemy Spinning

Alchemy Spinning ™ is a powerful and yet accessible whirling practice at the intersection of mindfulness and movement.

Inspired on Sufi Dervishes and other whirling dance in the world, Alchemy Spinning™ makes the physical, psychological and spiritual benefits of whirling accesible to everybody.

Upcoming Workshops

Alchemy Spinning ™ uses dance, movement, breath work, mindfulness and meditation to induce a state of expanded consciousness.

The benefits include personal and spiritual growth, healing, self-knowledge, and enhanced artistic expression.

Experience an expanded state of consciousness.
Become more aware, present and embodied.
Open your heart.
Discover your own power to heal and transform your life.
Unleash your creativity and spark creative breakthroughs.

Personal Growth

This is the most general kind of workshop, open to anyone seeking to explore and experience the benefits of Alchemy Spinning™. These include self knowledge, insights, unlocking of emotions and memories, heightened state of consciousness, presence, sensorial awareness, joy, compassion towards self and others and inner peace. Also we organize workshops with a therapeutic goal seeking to heal a variety of traumas, besides collective traumas such as pollution and social injustice.

Art & Creativity

These workshops are often catered towards practitioners of a particular art discipline, such as dancers, painters, writers, or musicians, although multidisciplinary workshops can also be very powerful.

These workshops allow artists to awaken, unlock and download unprecedented creativity, playfulness and inspiration.

Co-Creation & Facilitation

These workshops are also organized ad-hoc with a specific group and goal in mind, such as conflict resolution, team building, brainstorming, or innovation,  helping groups unlock their creative potential and achieve their collective goals, whether for activism, learning, business, team building, or co-creation.

Alchemy Spinning™ is a project incubated by Kumu, a nonprofit innovation lab for transformative activism.

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