I love to dance. It’s my passion. It makes me feel alive and happy.

Life is pure dance.

Through therapy and dancetherapy I discovered dance.

Dance allowed me to fully experience and express all my pain and my rage, and to express what I couldn’t say with words.

Dance restored my dignity, my joy, my connection to pleasure. Through dance I discovered my own power to heal and to lead a happy life.

My creative process stems from a deep listening of the body in a state of complete presence in the here and now, which allows for the emergence of an expanded consciousness, and of a channeling of creativity and healing.

I believe dance can help us transform pain and darkness into beauty and love for us -and for the whole planet.

The mission of my dance is to send a message of healing and transformation that emerges from inside of us and expand to the entire universe.

My name is Raquel Boluda. I am a dancer, dance activist and a transpersonal somatic therapist.

Welcome to my website.

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